Karan Soni

karan soni, safety not guaranteed

Karan Soni  immigrated to the United States from India at the age of 18 to attend USC’s prestigious School of Theater. Growing up, he idolized the likes of Jim Carrey and Robin Williams. (Campus Circle) He is most notably known for his supporting role in Safety Not Guaranteed, alongside Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), Jake Johnson (New Girl) and Mark Duplass. He has also appeared in Betas and Mighty Meds.

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Hannah Simone

Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown

Hannah Simone, Actress, currently starring on New Girl alongside Zooey Deschanel. “Simone was born in London to a father of Indian origin and a mother of German, Italian, Cypriot, and Greek descent.” (Wikipedia) In an interview with Yahoo Shine, Simone says of the  show’s creator and executive producer at New Girl:

“I remember thanking Liz, and saying, ‘You’ve no idea what you’ve done, that you’ve put this Indian actress in this visible role, where it’s not about her ethnicity,’” she told Glow, adding, “It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a comedic actress. There is this demand for smart, funny, attractive women.”

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Nahnatchka Khan

Nahnatcha Khan with her cast. Image Source: Zimbio

Nahnatchka Khan is an American born television writer and producer (Wiki). She’s worked on American Dad!, and created the ABC sitcom Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (2012-2013, find it on Hulu).  In an interview, she shared her inspiration behind the show:

“Women behaving badly has always been funny, to me personally, so I knew I wanted to do something like that. And then, Breakfast at Tiffany’s has always been one of my favorite movies [and] I was wondering what Holly Golightly might look like today, if she currently existed in the real world. And then, I was like, “Maybe it would be funny to get a perspective on that character from just giving her a normal roommate, who is just trying to pay bills and watch Castle while this other woman is floating in on a cloud of champagne. I thought that could be a funny dynamic, between those two girls.”